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Veronica ditched the diet and joined BeeZee Ladies to make healthy habits for good!

Meet Veronica... One stone lighter and inspired to continue a healthy lifestyle.

 Six years ago, Veronica joined Weight Watchers and lost 4 stone. But once she stopped attending regular meetings, she found herself slipping back into old habits (eating larger portions and eating too much chocolate in front of the TV – we know the temptation!). Alongside a hip replacement curtailing her physical activity, her weight eventually crept back up.  

Veronica’s doctor then told her about BeeZee Bodies’ free weight management groups, and after a little research she decided to sign up to BeeZee Ladies in Brighton. She said I felt that, at 68, this needed to be a time to change my over eating and lack of exercise for good!” – so a programme that focuses on long-term behaviour change, rather than following a specific diet plan, seemed to be just the thing that could help Veronica make healthy habits that stick.

Cooking board with varied foods on it
Making Healthy Habits

The first hour of BeeZee Ladies is a healthy eating session ran by a nutritionist. Veronica’s group was led by Ellie, and each week the group focused on different topics such as portion sizes, takeaways, drinks and snacks. The entire group are encouraged to discuss issues around eating habits and share experiences – it’s not just a case of being told what to eat.  

“To be honest I did wonder whether, as a private caterer, the nutrition session would teach me anything I didn’t know, but I really liked sharing ideas with the group and actually did learn more than I expected. Ellie worked hard to make the nutrition hour fun, interesting and encouraging. 

I was pleased to hear that there was actually no specific plan re weight loss – just talking through all the different issues that affect eating too much. So far I have managed to eat everything I want, but in much smaller amounts and I really think about planning what and when I’m going to eat and drink.” 


Veronica having fun in an aerobics group session
Getting moving

The second hour is all about getting physical and trying a variety of different activities. This particular BeeZee Ladies group was run by Christine from Hello Fitness Brighton, a local instructor and BE REAL Campaign Ambassador, who encourages women to move thier bodies for fun and fitness, NOT punishment. Christine led Aerobics, Pilates, Tabata and Zumba sessions to give the group a taste of different types of exercise.  

” I was delighted that I was able to keep up with everyone (despite not being particularly co-ordinated!) and that my ‘new’ hip could cope with all the exercise. Christine always told me not to do anything that felt uncomfortable and was very encouraging to the whole group. All this new found confidence prompted me to download a fitness ap on my mobile – and the pedometer has really inspired me to complete a minimum of 6000 steps a day – but I now usually manage at least 9000 steps a day – so I walk almost everywhere now.” 

Now that BeeZee Ladies is over, Veronica and the other ladies from her group are now planning to meet up and continue with regular exercise classes together. 

"I felt pleased to be finally addressing my weight and exercise issues and found the 12 weeks absolutely brilliant!"

Veronica lost an amazing 6kg (almost a stone!) during her time at BeeZee Ladies, and a futher 2kg since, giving her a total weight loss of 1stone 3lbs (… so far!)  

“Of course, only time will tell if I continue to eat well and exercise more – but I certainly feel inspired to do this! Thank you BeeZee Ladies!” 

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