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Malik says “Coming to BeeZee Families made me feel happy and secure”

10 year old Malik came to BeeZee Families and made some great healthy changes. He wanted to share his story with us!

My life before BeeZee Families

I used to eat very unhealthy and I did not eat lots of fruit and veg. I was not very active and used to stay at home more. I was not very secure about my situation.

My experience at BeeZee Families

I joined BeeZee Families so I could lose a little weight, as I was starting to feel insecure. A nurse came to my school and she told me about the program and I accepted.

My favourite thing about it was the amount I learned! My top tip was that you should never eat without a routine put in place. Since the program also provided physical activities, my favourite one was football -kids vs parents. It is also a very good opportunity to make friends and I found myself making many more,

Life after BeeZee Families

My life after BeeZee was great! I feel that I have been eating healthier, doing more physical activities and I have a good eating habits (eating less). My plan is to continue with sports activities and do even more. After the program I feel a lot more happy and secure.