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BeeZee Families presented at the CLAHRC Fellows Showcase!

Charan, Nutritionist and Proud Hufflepuff, in our Hertfordshire team was granted a fellowship with CLAHRC (Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care), newly named ARC (Applied Research Collaboration). She recently got to present her findings at the East of England Fellows Showcase! Here is Charan’s recount of the event…

Over the last year I’ve been working on a project within BeeZee Bodies through a fellowship with CLAHRC. I have been looking into the some of the data from our BeeZee Families programmes (for 5-15 years and their families) and delving deeper to see if there’s anything we can do to better support the families we work with. At the start of December I had the opportunity to share my findings with CLAHRC colleagues, public health professionals and those working in the NHS and NIHR.

“…it was great to share the results that I found and how we can improve as a company”
Charan presenting her poster at the CLAHRC Fellowship event

I’ve really enjoyed working on the project and was keen to share to share what I’d found with others. I talked about how rates of childhood obesity are a public health concern and that there are services available to support families (like BeeZee Bodies!) but that the support has to be in the best way possible. I then went on to talk about the methods of my project and the process I took to review, code, and analyse the data. After that I was excited to share my big reveal! Despite a slight technical issue, and with some help from the CLAHRC team, it was great to share the results that I found and how we can improve as a company. I also had a chance to discuss other things I’ve accomplished this year because of the CLAHRC fellowship and the new found skills that I’ve gained with the support of my supervisors and peers.

Overall, it was an incredible day and gave me the opportunity to share my findings, practice my public speaking skills and even get shortlisted for the best poster award! I am pretty sure that the CLAHRC fellowship had never seen a poster with carrots on it and I know going against the grain was successful in demonstrating that academic posters can be fun and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the day, and had a great time meeting new people and thinking about the future direction of BeeZee Bodies with the help of this research!