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Chloe’s BeeZee Live Blog!

Follow along as Chloe tells us about her BeeZee journey!

Hi!! My name is Chloe and I am 8 years old, nearly 9! I live in Hitchin, Hertfordshire with my Mum, Lucy, my Dad, Anthony and my big brother, James, who is 14 years old.

My Mum signed us up for BeeZee Bodies so we could learn about how to eat healthier and get into good eating habits. We have definitely got into some bad eating habits, especially during lockdown so some help and support to help us get back on track sounded like a good idea for us.

I didn’t know how much fun it was going to be though! I am going to write a weekly blog about what we get up to so stay tuned….

Breakfast Week!

This weeks Webinar was all about breakfasts. We learned that portion size is really important, because even if you have a nice healthy breakfast, if you have too much then it won’t be nearly as good for you. We learned that a balanced breakfast is best so it is good to have a mix of healthy food groups and we can use our Eat Well guide to help us choose.

My favourite part of this weeks Webinar was doing the exercises at the end with Alex, it was so much fun! I really enjoyed being a cheetah and a french bean – Ooh la la!

This week at home we have weighed out our breakfast portions each morning to make sure we are having the recommended amount. It didn’t take very long at all, and because there was less it meant I ate it quicker so I had more time to get ready for school – Mum was really happy about that!

I also tried a new breakfast – overnight oats – I had it with greek yoghurt, mixed frozen berries, chia seeds (never had them before) and then added some fresh fruit in the morning before I ate it. It was really tasty and I will definitely have it regularly.

My brother and I were both really surprised at how small the recommended portion of cereal was compared to how much we normally had. We didn’t think it would be enough to keep us going until lunchtime at all. Luckily it really was, I didn’t feel any hungrier than I normally did plus I have some fruit at snack time so that helps me get through to lunchtime.

It’s a thumbs up from me!

Portion Size Week

This week, Lily showed us the correct portion sizes of some foods such as pasta, dried fruit and rice. My Mum and I weighed out what I would normally have as a pasta portion and it was much bigger than what Lily showed us, so that was interesting to learn.

A great tip we picked up was to serve our food on smaller plates so it doesn’t look like a small portion. To help with that my Mum bought me a personalised portion control plate, it should hopefully help us get used to what I should be having and it’s so cute!

My favourite part of the Webinar this week was making my own EatWell guide for my favourite dinner, a roast.

We have tried really hard this week to make sure my dinner portions are correct for me, we have weighed out pasta so I am having 60g and swapped to wholemeal which tastes exactly the same! It was tricker with some dinners as you cant weigh everything but that’s where my portion plate helped – as long as it fitted into the sections, it was ok!

My win this week was getting moving and doing some exercise, I have a game called RingFit that I like to go on, I enjoyed doing knee lifts, and knee to chest and running on the spot to explore the map – I run really fast!

Snacks Week

This weeks webinar was all about snacks!

We talked about good snacks and bad snacks. An example of a good snack is houmous and carrot sticks, a bad snack is crisps or a cereal bar as they can be high in sugar, salt and fat.

Lily showed us how much sugar was in different drinks by measuring it out in teaspoons into a cup. We couldn’t believe how much sugar was in a cup of hot chocolate, 24g!!! Even flavoured water had 11g per bottle, we were so shocked. Luckily we tend to have no added sugar options in our house so it wasn’t something we need to change, but definitely an eye-opener.

We did my favourite again this week, exercising with Alex!! He challenged us to balance a loo roll on our back and get down to the floor and back up without it falling off, it was so hard!! I didn’t manage it once! We also did bunny hops which were lots of fun too.

Thinking about the webinar this week we challenged ourselves to find some new and healthy after school snacks for me to try. We looked at the Change4Life website for some suggestions. I wanted to try rice cakes with cream cheese so my Mum went out and bought some. I LOVED them! We sliced some cucumber up on the top too, they were really tasty, so I’ve had them most days after school all week. I also tried a hard-boiled egg as a snack with some cucumber slices, that was yummy too. We have already looked for an idea for my next new snack, oatcakes with some cheese and tomatoes on, I’ll let you know if I liked them!

Graduating BeeZee Families

Hello everyone, it’s Chloe your part-time BeeZee blogger logging in for a final instalment and recap on my BeeZee Bodies experience!

I finished my programme in December, and I was very sad to see the end of it. I had looked forward to my BeeZee meetings every week to see what we would be doing/learning about. On the plus side, I had received my graduation certificate in the post and we had a virtual graduating ceremony which was so much fun! Not only did I graduate, I had also earned enough BeeZee Points to get my silver certificate and prize which was a gift voucher to go and buy some healthy food from my local supermarket so that was really cool as well!

Reflecting on my BeeZee experience I would have to say it was brilliant overall. It was one of the most fun ways for me to learn about healthy eating and portion sizes, I will definitely remember the things I have learned for years to come.

Joining in with the weekly exercises with Alex was great too, probably my favourite bit, it was always really fun and always got my heart pumping. It was good to be doing extra exercise during this weird year of lockdowns and restrictions, fun ways to get fit at home was definitely a good thing!

Going forward there are many things that my family and I do every day to help us stay healthier that we wouldn’t have done before BeeZee Bodies. I ALWAYS weigh my cereal out in the morning so I know that I am having the correct amount. My Mum and Dad always try to serve my dinner on my portion plate so that I am not having too much of anything. We still have our treat foods sometimes but we’re definitely more aware of how much fat and sugar are hidden in things, looking at the labelling system tells me whether it is a “go”, “slow” or a “woah” food! Thanks for that one Hannah, it always makes me and my Mum laugh!

I know this is not the end of our journey though, Hannah has assured us that she is at the end of the phone if we need her, so it’s reassuring to know that we are part of the BeeZee Bodies family for life now and we will continue with our healthy changes using the tools we have learned.

If any kids out there feel like they could do with making some healthy changes to their lives but need some help, BeeZee Bodies are there for you! (and its really fun!)

Thanks for reading, byeeeeee!!