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Prabhuv thinks BeeZee Families is “great and totally worth your time” ?

We love hearing how our graduates are getting on. Prabhuv attended our Leavesden BeeZee Families group with his sister and wanted to tell you about his experience himself. So over to Prabhuv who wrote this awesome blog for us!

Prabhuv and father in nature
My life before BeeZee

My life before BeeZee was an average one. Go to school, learn, head home and chill. While also enjoying all the treats life had to offer, chocolate, candy, cookies that kind of thing. I wasn’t overly active, only football club once a week and I never felt overly good with myself.

Then Dad made a call to BeeZee Bodies talking about me. I’m like “Hey I’m not fat!” I asked. But little did I know what awaited me at BeeZee…

Prabhuv and family with BeeZee Bodies staff
Coming to BeeZee Families

My favourite thing about BeeZee Families was making new friends and learning about food and drink habits.

My most useful tip would be to use the traffic light system on food labels and see what the content of the food is.

Throughout the weeks at BeeZee my favourite physical activity that I tried was basketball and now I have grown a passion for basketball.


Prabhuv and little sister at the park
My life now

After going to BeeZee Families I became a lot more healthier and became more wary food wise and more active.

I went from one sports club to three and also walking on the weekends. In my free time I play my favourite game from group…basketball. All in all, I think BeeZee is great and totally worth your time. Well have a good day.

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