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Commissioning Series: #3 Clarification Questions and Request for Information

There is one method that can sometimes be overlooked or undervalued – the ‘Request for Information’ (RFI).

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Commissioning Series: #2 Legal Constrictions of Commissioning

The second in this series of blogs about commissioning behaviour change services is about the constriction that you can feel when commissioning. I want to stress that these blogs are a collection of personal experiences from being a commissioner and a provider, and from the numerous commissioners I have worked with over the years.

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Commissioning Series: #1 Limiting the word count: sensible practice or losing valuable information?

This blog is an overview, containing the drawbacks of limiting the word-count when procuring services. Unlike the rest of this series, this is exclusively from the perspective of a provider.

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The 10 top issues with procuring behaviour change services

Commissioning services is hard. See my top ten issues faced by commissioners in procuring public health services.

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It’s not just knowing what to do, but also knowing how to do it!

Behaviour change commissioning is asking for science only. What is missing is the art.

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Behavioural science needs a good dose of sociology to support lasting behaviour change

For over 5 years we have built behavioural economics into our programmes to help people make changes to their behaviour that work in tandem with their ‘real lives’.

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4 Reasons we are we working with dogs in public health contracts

Dogs are a good excuse to have to get outside and active. Meeting others who have the same goals and interests can mean you find new people and dogs to go for walks with and for social support generally. This is key to making lasting changes: Be part of a tribe!

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Building our latest intervention

Building an intervention is like starting a completely new business and can, and should be planned as such.

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People are self-obsessed!

People are more concerned about their own lives to be worried about yours!

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It's World Obesity Day: Time to start talking (Part 1)

The focus this year is on reducing weight stigma, which is very topical at the moment with lots of talk about ‘fat shaming’ and weight related stigma in commonplace discussions around the world and in the media.

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World Obesity Day: It's time to start talking (part 2)

Welcome to the 2nd in my 2 part blog on World Obesity Day. The focus this year was about ending weight stigma.

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