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BeeZee Families presented at UKCO Conference

Hi, it’s Charan here! I’m one of the nutritionists on the BeeZee Bodies team in Hertfordshire, working on our BeeZee Families programme.

Last week I had the great pleasure of attending the United Kingdom Congress on Obesity (UKCO) Annual Conference at Leeds University. So, you may be wondering why this girl travelled across the country from Hertfordshire to Leeds?

Well, since January I’ve been looking into our BeeZee Families data – your data! – to see how different lifestyle factors affect results on the programme. Some of my findings from this research has been so interesting that I’ve wanted to share it with anyone who will listen! So, I submitted an abstract (just some information about my research) to the UKCO and they accepted my submission and asked me to present my findings on a poster at the conference!

I got started on making my poster and our designer transformed my research into a beautiful looking poster which was actually really fun to read – which is often not seen at academic conferences!

I had the chance to present my poster at the conference, and attendees were able to ask their questions about what BeeZee Bodies does – and it was great to share with them!

So what did my research find?

  • We’ve had over 800 families complete the BeeZee Families programme since 2015 (wowza!)
  • Almost 80% of families that start the BeeZee Families programme finish it!
  • 78% of families that complete the programme actually maintain or decrease BMI

These are some great results for us! But what makes us the happiest is that families that come to our BeeZee Families programme like it enough to keep coming back. We’re really proud of this as we aim to build genuine relationships with all our families and we’re so grateful that families feel the same and want to spend time with us!

As well as presenting my poster, my two days at the conference included listening to amazing professors including a personal favourite: Dr. Giles Yeo! You may have seen him floating around on TV and podcasts and I always find him incredibly interesting and it was great to see him live!

Overall, it was a great 2 days with a lot of learning and sharing, it makes me excited for the direction the UK is heading in as there’s lots of great research being done and it’ll be interesting to see it emerge into the public sphere and actually improve the health of the population.