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Award-winning Anisha scoops the BeeZee Gold and maintains consistent healthy habits

10 year old Anisha comes from a family who are conscious of making healthy decisions. Along with her mum, dad and older brother, the family made time to get active together, and Anisha herself was making an effort to cut down on snacks. They were already doing a great job, but just needed a little bit of encouragement and support to maintain consistency in their routine and food choices. Which is where we come in 

When her school suggested the family check out BeeZee Bodies, Anisha was not too keen. But her mum, Fredah, thought it would be a great opportunity for Anisha to learn about nutrition and making healthy habits that would stick with her throughout her life – and convinced Anisha to join BeeZee Live, our online course of weekly webinars to help families create a healthier lifestyle. Once the course started, Anisha quickly embraced the idea and loved taking part in the interactive webinars. 

Together, Anisha and her Mum learnt practical tips and advice around things like portion sizes for children, how to properly read food labels, and healthy snacking. But perhaps the most valuable thing they learnt was how to turn healthy behaviours into consistent habits.  

Fredah told us “Taking part in the BeeZee Live webinars helped us to remain consistent with the family walks we had started over lockdown. I also started jogging every morning and Anisha loved the netball activities. We cut down significantly on snacks and eventually cut them out completely. Now we only have occasional treats and consider the calorie value of them.” 

Despite her initial resistance, Anisha got really stuck in to the programme and ended up winning the BeeZee Live Gold Award (as well as the Bronze and Silver awards along the way!). These awards are achieved by collecting points from attendance, participation in the interactive elements of the webinar, and winning games, quizzes and activities. As a reward for her enthusiasm and hard work, we send her a prize of a physical activity hamper! As we knew how much she enjoys Netball, we made sure the hamper included a shiny new netball for her to practice her skills withFredah told us that Anisha is very happy with her new netball, and also loved that everybody’s efforts were acknowledged 

As a mum, Fredah really appreciated having a community of other families with which they could share ideas and encourage each other. She also loved having a dedicated nutritionist on hand to share knowledge and offer support throughout the week by chatting on WhatsApp. 

Charlotte was the nutritionist on hand to support Anisha’s family through the programmeand thought they were model participants! She said: 

“Anisha and Fredah have been a brilliant family to have on the BeeZee Live programme, they have fully embraced the programme and attended every week. They’ve been fantastic in the webinars at answering the questions and getting stuck into the activities. They have made some great changes to their lifestyle by reducing portion size, snacking on healthier foods and they’ve been going out for walks as a family. Congratulations to Anisha and her family for making these changes, we’re looking forward to hearing about your continued successes! Keep up the great work!” 


Fredah summed up their BeeZee Live journey saying  

It was nice to have a dedicated team who were knowledgeable and always available to offer support, as well as a lovely community of other families. The webinars were very interactive – it was nice that people had the opportunity to give live comments. We gained valuable knowledge about nutrition and tips to help us make the right choices. The experience really helps to maintain consistency when you’re on your way to developing a healthy lifestyle” 

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