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At-home weight management support helped Liz completely change her life.

Liz lost 4.8 stone and 4 dress sizes. She feels happier, sleeps better, has more confidence and is constantly smiling.

Liz describes her old life as “pretty miserable”. She was size 20 and weighed 16 stone; basic movement felt like tough work; she relied on ready meals; she suffered from chest pains and would often feel embarrassed from being visibly red-faced and sweaty.

Concerned about her health and motivated to look and feel better for her daughter’s upcoming wedding, she decided to take control and make some healthy life changes, and looked to us for a helping hand. Liz signed up for our BeeZee Chat weight management service, where all the nutrition advice and behaviour change support that we usually deliver in group sessions, was delivered to her remotely via phone and online.

Liz made some truly amazing changes and now describes her life as “the opposite of what it was”. At a dress size 12 and 11 stone, Liz is feeling healthier, happier and her confidence is through the roof.

"Before BeeZee, I was kidding myself every step of the way."

Working in a warehouse, Liz would spend most of the day on her feet and she cycled to work and back – a 7 minute ride each way.

Because of this, she would justify eating high-calorie convenience food, and grazing on toast and whatever was in the fridge – things like cheese and cured meats.

“Before BeeZee Bodies, I would eat huge portions of bread, pasta and fatty meats. I would usually be so exhausted from work that I would buy a salt, fat and sugar laden ready meal on my way home as I hadn’t the energy to cook. I told myself it was OK as my job was physical so I ‘needed’ the calories. I was just kidding myself every step of the way”

Other than her short bike ride to work, Liz would try to avoid any additional physical activity like bending down to pick things up, household chores and even gardening (which was her passion!) because it had become too uncomfortable due to the excess weight causing pressure on her arthritic joints and increasing chest pains. She began to grow more anxious about her health and was becoming worried she’d have a heart attack.

In addition to health concerns, she wanted to feel her best for her daughters upcoming wedding. She said “I knew that I didn’t want to look back in years to come at her wedding pictures and see me in a tent of a dress, red in the face and unhappy. I simply would not let that happen.”

"BeeZee Chat has been a real eye opener"

Liz and her nutritionist, Katie, had a weekly call where they spoke about everything from nutrition advice, to emotional support, menopausal effects on weight management, to where to buy the best yoga mats!

“Katie was brilliant, encouraging and understanding. Her knowledge was thorough and detailed. I learnt that having a nutritionally balanced meal, with moderate portions and being honest with yourself is key. There’s simply no point in doing it otherwise as you’re just kidding yourself, and nobody wins in that situation. I did use scales and MyFitnessPal for six months to train myself in portion size and food nutrition, now I feel like I’ve passed my test and can confidently rip off my L plates!”

Although Liz completed the BeeZee programme from her own home, she received the same nutritional advice, recipes, and behaviour change support that we provide in all of our group programmes. The only thing that was different, was the physical activity – it was up to her to get moving on her own!

“Katie was great in giving me advice on new ways to exercise and suggested I take up yoga to help my mobility and core strength. I now do a 15 minute routine most mornings which makes me feel so ready to attack the day!”

“BeeZee Chat was instrumental to creating the new me. There’s been too many changes and improvements in my life to list, it’s endless”

Since completing BeeZee Chat, Liz has made some significant healthy changes and is reaping the rewards.

She eats sensible portion sizes, is educated and confident in making healthier food choices.

As well as daily morning yoga and walking to work, she walks 4km with a friend every single evening, and goes swimming every week. She bravely overcame the barriers to getting in the pool and is now absolutely loving her Sunday morning swims – she’s even made a possible romantic interest at the pool!

She gained the confidence to stand up and give a tear-jerking speech at her daughter’s wedding.

She’s noticed clearer skin and shinier hair.

She buys smaller bras and her back-ache has gone.

She’s dropped 4 dress sizes.

She can lift heavy boxes and work all day on her feet and still walk 4k every evening…

“In a nutshell, I can pretty much do anything I set my mind to now.

This losing weight business is pretty awesome”

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