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A Gutless Guide to COVID-19

Men are more likely than women to have hairy chests, to leave wet towels on the bathroom floor, and to die from coronavirus.

Yep, evidence has shown that men are TWICE as likely than women to become severely ill and die from COVID-19. This is down to a combination of both biomedical and typical behavioural differences between the sexes 

While there’s not much you can do to change your genetic hormones and receptors, you CAN take action to change your behaviours and improve your health, to put yourself in the best possible position to fight the virus.  

Gutless poster advising to 'Wash Your Hands, ya filthy animal'!
Wash your hands, ya filthy animal! ??

According to various studies from around the world, statistics show that men wash their hands less frequently than women such 

  • In South Korea 34% of male students washed their hands five times a day compared to 57% of female students. 
  • In the USA 56% of women used soap compared to 29% of men. 
  • In the UK, one in six men don’t wash their hands after having a poo at work! 

Reports show that us Brits have upped our hand hygiene since the outbreak,  however fewer men than women have taken this step: 67% vs 74%. So don’t be another statistic – frequently wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (or the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday twice) 

A pack of Corona Beer
Curb the corona ?

Despite the name of the virus, this lockdown was in fact NOT designed for downing a six pack of Corona and lime every night. Excess alcohol consumption can increase the risk of respiratory diseases – and therefore too many Quarantinis at your new garden bar could put you at greater risk of suffering with coronavirus. According to the World Health Organisation, on average, men drink more than women – so step away from the booze 

A man crushing a packet of cigarettes
Be a Quarantine Quitter ?

Despite some confusing and controversial headlines over the correlation between smoking and COVID-19, the World Health Organisation has stated that smokers are more likely to develop severe disease with COVID-19, compared to non-smokers. 

Various studies have found that men are more likely to smoke than women: 

  • China’s smokers: 46% Men 1% Women
  • Italy’s smokers: 27% Men 20% Women
  • UK’s smokers: 17% Men 13% Women 

We all know that smoking is bad for our health, but with the increased risk of suffering with coronavirus – what better time than now to call it quits?! Contact your local authorities for smoking cessation services – we deliver Gutless in partnership with the Brighton & Hove Healthy Lifestyles Team who also offer support to help you quit.

Bring down your BMI! ?

2019 NHS statistics show that 67% of men and 62% of women in the UK were classed as overweight or obese.  

Those with a BMI of 30+ are at a 33% higher risk of death from COVID-19, so it’s vital keep an eye on your weight and your waist by eating well and exercising.  

Choose Premium Fuel ⛽️

Although it’s tempting justify a takeaway with ‘wanting to keep local businesses running’ or getting your daily steps in by walking to and fro the fridge – be mindful of your energy balance at this timeIt’s easy to over eat when we’re bored, plus likely we’re burning less calories than usual. Don’t be fooled if you’re going for walks or doing home workouts – by missing out on the movements of your usual daily business (climbing the stairs to your office, lifting boxes at work, or whatever) you may be still be expending less energy than usual, which could cause your weight to creep up.  

But watching your weight doesn’t mean you can’t eat the foods you love! Try one of our healthy fake-away recipes for maximum taste and optimum nutrition:

? Healthy Homemade Pizza
?Curry with Saag Alloo
?Chinese Noodles
??‍?All recipes 

Exorcise the Virus ???

As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease you are now able to exercise outdoors as much as you like, and even meet with groups of 6 with social distancing measures in place. Round up the lads for a game of golf or tennis, or see if there’s any socially-distant bootcamps going on in your local park.  

And on a rainy day? Head to YouTube for endless at-home workout videos – there’s something on there for every fitness level! We like The Body Coach, HASFit and the Fitness Blender for accessible full-body workouts – or you can find yoga, martial arts, dance… whatever you’re in to!  

Fight off COVID-19 with our beginners shadow boxing workout

A young man holding an emoticon over his face like a mask
Mental health matters ?

Financial stresses or job worries. Not being able to see your children/partner, or being driven insane by them. Worries about elderly relatives. Isolation from your friends and social activities. Too much screen time. Too much thinking time. There’s a lot of things going on here that can take it’s toll on your mental health – but typically men are more likely to sweep these emotions under the rug. Mental health charity, Mind, report that 52% of men admit to feeling uncomfortable talking about emotions.  

It’s important to be kind to your mind – we recommend using the “5 Ways To Wellbeing” model to boost a positive mindset or reaching out for support if you’re feeling down. Whether you choose to talk to a loved one, a doctor or contact a service like Mind or CALM – talking about problems is one of the best ways of dealing with them.