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A BeeZee time as we apply learnings from our first LIVE programme

This month see’s the launch of our second BeeZee LIVE programme.  


With the final sessions of the first ever BeeZee LIVE programme completed in July, we’ve spent the last couple of months consulting, reflecting and applying learnings. As ever, our approach has been centred around the people we serve. We’re committed to developing services that are relevant to and co-created by the people they benefit.  


This year we’ve seen more stretching and learning than ever before, (with some growing pains thrown in), as – like every organisation out there – we’ve been responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.  


Back in March, as lockdown hit, we’d already begun developing our BeeZee LIVE programme with two simple aims; 1. creating a product that could see our current cohort complete the programme, and 2. to develop a new intervention that could help us better target children by age categories.  


Bridging the gap of our Award-Winning 17-week in-person BeeZee Families programme, it had a lot to live up to. But the team worked frantically, to ensure that the support to families continued as many other elements of people’s lives became disrupted and, in some cases, stopped altogether. 


Throughout the course of the programme and since, the team held multiple feedback and co-production sessions with BeeZee LIVE participants covering all elements of the product, including functionality and technical issues, family needs and additional support. Outcomes have been fed back to delivery staff and incorporated into future sessions and programmes.   


We now know that some of the elements of our in-person delivery can be recreated and even enhanced online, with some clear challenges too. Just some of the key learnings that we’ve implemented include: 


  • Simplifying the screen to avoid overwhelm 
  • Offering additional support and time for sharing via WhatsApp groups or Zoom calls 
  • Improved pre-webinar communication to overcome functionality issues and make participants feel at ease 
  • Switching between two presenters to change the energy of the session 
  • Adding in more discussion groups for sharing ideas 
  • Adding in accountability with the ‘BeeZee Points system 
  • Session recordings for those who missed the session 


The online group-sessions have been particularly effective at driving engagement and communicating complex behaviour change messaging in an engaging, yet scalable way. Early engagement data is excellent, showing regular attendance and engagement with the live session delivery, online classroom, the group chat, and individual support offered to users. 


We’re excited to get underway with the second BeeZee Live programme, but you can rest assured that’s not us putting our feet up. We’ll be consulting, reflecting and applying new learnings as we go along!  


We’ve also been involved in Public Health England’s recent report “Supporting weight management services during the COVID-19 pandemic” – sharing insights from BeeZee Bodies on what has been a transformational and insightful year for WMS, and a fast-tracked glimpse at the future of delivery of these essential services. If you work in this space, these are essential reading: