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5 Ways to Wellbeing

The Coronavirus pandemic has thrown us headfirst into an uncertain and challenging situation, so perhaps its unsurprising that both adults and children alike are experiencing anxiety, loneliness, stress, confusion and other uncomfortable feelings; from being scared of the virus making us or our loved ones sick, to missing our friends and family, missing our social activities and hobbies, financial and academic worries and the disappointment of cancelled events or holidays. There’s a lot going on here, and no matter how fortunate you may be compared to others – it’s OK to be finding this tough.
At BeeZee Bodies we’re big believers in the power of the 5 ways to wellbeing for helping us live a more positive and happy lifestyle. These 5 steps are particularly useful for helping you to feel brighter when times are tough, but we try to practice them all the time – even when things are great! We just think they’re great rules to live by!
However, social distancing and isolating at home may make some of the usual things we do a little trickier – so we’ve put together a handful of ideas that can help you follow the 5 ways to wellbeing from a safe distance…!
A BeeZee Bodies mascot (a raspberry) connecting to a friend through the phone

Connecting with other people can immediately help us feel better – but of course at the moment we’re unable to physically see anyone other than the people we live with.

  • Take part in a Skype pub quiz, a virtual book club, or an online coffee morning. Or for the kids, what about Show & Tell or charades?
  • Write a letter to a friend, grandparent or neighbour. What about surprising a distant cousin or someone you haven’t spoken to in a while with a handwritten note?
  • Turn off the TV and connect with the people in your household! It’s easy to overlook each other, but make the time to stop and have a real conversation.
  • Perhaps you can safely chat to a neighbour over the garden fence?
  • Have a chat with the checkout person at the supermarket – ask how they are getting on and thank them for being a valued key worker!
  • Phone someone – texting and messaging is great but you can’t beat hearing someone’s voice!
  • Join an online community like your local town’s Facebook group, or our BeeZee Bodies or BeeZee Families community groups!
  • Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or TikTok are a great way to connect with others! But be warned that sometimes social media can heighten anxiety, so remember that what people choose to put on their social media pages isn’t always a true reflection of their real life and take a break if it starts to get overwhelming.
A BeeZee Bodies mascot (a grape) exercising with weights
Be Active

The gyms are closed, sports teams unable to meet, classes cancelled. But exercise is guaranteed to improve your mood by releasing endorphins – it’s science! Luckily there are loads of ways to keep your body moving:

  • The UK government is allowing us to go outside once per day to exercise (either alone or with members of your household). Make the most of it! Go for a walk or a run, get out on your bike/scooter/skateboard/rollerskates! Getting some fresh air will also boost your mood – double whammy!
  • Look to YouTube for home workouts – there’s yoga, dance, circuits, hiit, weight (or bodyweight) training, pilates – something for everyone’s taste and ability. From PE classes for kids to seated aerobics for seniors!
  • Gardening, cleaning, dancing around the kitchen – it all counts as getting moving!
  • Make an obstacle course – see our ideas here!
  • If you love going to classes, why not check in with your instructor as many fitness trainers are now delivering their sessions over video chat platforms!
A BeeZee bodies mascot (an apple) wearing glasses and holding books and pencil
Keep learning

Learning something new can really boost our mental wellbeing – no matter how big or small.

  • Learn a new language (try duolingo, it’s free!) or a new word (check out word of the day)
  • Learn how to cook a new recipe (we have loads here!)
  • Learn a new skill such as knitting or photography
  • Learn to play a new game
  • Sign up to an online course – FutureLearn have loads of courses for free!
  • Listen to podcasts, read a book/article, or watch a documentary
  • Sign up for BeeZee Live – our new online learning platform!
A hand holding out a gift of flowers

Small acts of kindness are really helping the world go round at the moment. And by giving to others, you’ll feel better in yourself too.

  • If you live with others – give them a hug!
  • If you live alone – give someone a smile as you pass them on your walk, or in the supermarket.
  • Give support to vulnerable people or key workers in your neighbourhood – offer to pick up some shopping, run errands, or walk their dog if they’re unable to get out. Just remember to stay safely 2m apart, wash your hands, and disinfect any items swapping over (like a dog lead).
  • Send a small handmade gift/photograph to someone in the post
  • Leave something nice on a friend or neighbour’s doorstep if you pass their house on your walk/on the way to the supermarket.
  • Give someone book/Netflix/podcast recommendations of things you think they’d enjoy!
  • Offer to help around the house with chores, cooking or a sibling’s homework.
A beezee bodies mascot (a carrot) meditating
Take Notice

Being more mindful of the present moment is a fantastic way to boost positivity and see the silver linings.

  • Notice all the colours/flowers/animals you see whilst on your walk
  • Try a guided meditation – apps like Headspace or look on YouTube
  • Write a gratitude journal (you can download our BeeZee monster’s journal right here)
  • Take notice of the positives of this situation, like spending more time together as a family, or getting a break from the daily rat race, or even just having a roof over your head where you can remain safe.
Print me!

Why not print out this poster and stick it to the fridge as a reminder to be kind to your mind!



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