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5 things to do over Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend may not be exactly how you had planned it… but the sun is still shining, mini eggs are considered an essential item (well, not really but if a packet sneaks into your trolley of essential food and medicine, we won’t tell!) and most importantly – we are safe at home. We’ve complied a list of five fun things you can do with your family at home to celebrate this bank holiday weekend.

1. Bake our healthy Easter Cookies

These cookies are made using just two ingredients and are a great alternative to chocolate eggs! Have fun decorating with fruit into colourful egg and bunny shapes.

2. Go lambing - online!

There’s nothing more lovely than watching little lambs play in Spring time! But while the farms may be closed to visitors in light of the lockdown, you can still enjoy lambing season online! Check out the Lamb Cam by clicking the link below – if you’re lucky you may even catch a lamb being born!


3. Create some Easter joy!

Why not get crafty and make your neighbours a homemade Easter card with a thoughtful message inside. Post it through their letterbox whilst you’re out on your daily walk.

Have a look on Pinterest for some ideas and post your creations on the BeeZee Bodies Facebook Page or tag us on Instagram @beezee_bodies

Do the Easter Bunny Hop Speed Challenge!

4. See how many bunny hops you can do in 30 seconds - can you beat Alex's score?!

5. Do the BeeZee Scavenger Hunt!
  1. Download, print and cut out the clue cards below. Keep hold of card one and two.
  2. While the kids are asleep, hide the rest of the cards around your home as per the previous clue. Eg: the shoe clue goes under the fruit bowl, the soap clue goes in the biggest shoe, the dinner clue goes under the soap and so on.
  3. Hide a prize somewhere in your lounge.
  4. Give your child the first two cards to get them started – and send them off on their way!