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5 fun family-friendly things to do in the summer holidays

School’s out for summer! But the summer holidays might feel a bit different this year. The kids already have already had a few months off school and there’s still a lot of COVID restrictions in place. If you’re struggling to think of safe and fun things to do with the kids this summer, we’ve come up with some low cost or free activities you can try to keep the kids busy (they’re also socially distanced too!).   

A den built outdoors
1. Build a den

It doesn’t matter your age, this is always fun. You can do it indoors or outdoors dependent on the weather and your environment, and be as creative as you like. Whether it’s in the house under a table or amongst the trees in the local park – it’s a fantastic way to get creative, keep active, and have somewhere to while away a few hours! Here’s some inspiration to help you get started. 

Family walking along seafront
Go for a walk

Plan a walk to somewhere you’ve never been to or would normally drive to in your local area. This could be the park, a nature reserve, the beach (if you’re lucky enough to live close by) along some footpaths you’ve never been down, or just somewhere you really want to visit but never have! Have a look on a map to find the most fun/safest route. You could also try downloading a walking app such as “Just Draw It! – Route Planner and distance finder” and don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you and something to help you find your way home if you get lost! You might even like to take a picnic, read our previous blog on picnics here.

Build an obstacle course

This can either be indoors or outdoors using things you already have, our friend Emily has done a couple of videos to give you some inspiration in how to build a fun course whether you’re going to build one indoors or outdoors. 

Girl baking at home
Get cooking!

Cooking and baking is great way of letting out your creativity and even better, you get to eat something yummy once the washing up is done! We have lots of recipes you can try .

We can recommend the frozen yoghurt cups, blueberry breakfast bars, carrot cakes and

Painted rocks with a unicorn, mouse and tree
Rock painting

Start a painted rock hide and seek or a painted rock snake in your area.

Painted rock hide and seek is craze that has taken off in the past couple of years, the idea is that you find or buy some small rocks, paint them with a picture and then leave them somewhere for someone else to find around your local town. Most towns have local rock hunting groups on Facebook, why not join one of them and get even more involved.

The rock snake idea is something that’s been happening in my local area where children have all added rocks on a popular walking route to build a “rock snake”, at last count it was over 500 rocks long!  

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