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Don’t let a bit of bad weather put you off if you’re trying to get more active.

Here are some useful tips for getting outside in the colder and wetter months:

Layer up

Many walkers wear a base layer, followed by a fleece/sweater, and a waterproof jacket. Don’t forget to wear a hat, gloves, and thick socks too.

Best footwear forward

Choose shoes with good traction to prevent slips and falls on snow, ice or wet surfaces. Waterproof boots can make a big difference to comfort.

Keep sipping

Staying hydrated is just as important in winter as summer, even if you don’t feel so thirsty. Carry a water bottle and take small sips throughout your walk.

Have a backup plan

If the weather is really bad, there’s no shame in swapping to indoor exercise instead.

Top tips to beat the heatwave

As the temperature rises, everyday life can become an ordeal. Whether you are out and about or staying indoors, we have some great tips to help you beat the heatwave.

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Top tips for staying healthy on holiday

The annual week or two in the sun can be our biggest chance to relax and unwind, but you might be anxious about keeping your new habits on track and staying healthy on holiday.  The desire to get your money’s worth from the all-inclusive bar or the buffet restaurant can be strong — and there are also warmer temperatures and the change in daily routine to contend with.  Here are our top tips for a happy and healthy holiday:  

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Getting back into cycling

With the Tour de France and Olympics happening this summer, you might feel motivated to dig an old bike out of the shed and get back into cycling.  And even if you’ve never had a bike as an adult, we’ve got you covered with some wheelie useful advice: 

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What is the truth about chocolate?

It is undoubtedly one of our nation’s favourite foods, but what is the truth about chocolate and can it fit with healthy eating and a balanced diet? 

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Make this refreshing non-alcoholic mojito mocktail

The mojito is a very popular and refreshing cocktails, and our non-alcoholic mojito mocktail is just as enjoyable as the boozy version. 

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Top tips to beat the summertime booze

Summer brings invitations to BBQs, beer gardens and other day drinking events. Our tips can help you keep a lid on the summertime booze.

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