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No more nagging! Coming to BeeZee Families helped Emillie and her mum have positive conversations around the importance of healthy choices

Emillie is 11, and she lives in St Albans with her Mum (Victoria) and Dad (Neil) and Poppy the dog.

She’s a confident, bright and noisy girl who loves to dance, play football, do arts and crafts, watch tv, loves her phone, seeing her friends and eating out.

Her mum Victoria had been feeling a bit worried about Emillie making unhealthy choices and gaining weight; she has a big appetite and a very sweet tooth! But when she tried to talk to Emillie about healthy eating, Emillie didn’t want to listen and just thought her mum was nagging!

But when the NCMP results from the school nurse came back deeming Emillie as ‘overweight’, Victoria signed up to attend BeeZee Families in Borehamwood. Emillie was horrified and didn’t want to come….

But from the very first week, she LOVED it! And now, she and her mum can have positive conversations around healthy eating and movement!

We asked Victoria how she and Emilie had found the 12 week course. She said:

“We really enjoyed the entire set up. Sophie and Claire who ran our group were amazing – and not forgetting the sports coach! It was very well organised, informative and kept Emillie engaged each week. 

She enjoyed the first hour where we learnt about a specific topic, followed by a fun activity to enhance our understanding. The second hour with the sports coach was fun and got very competitive amongst the families! I liked the idea of trying new snacks each week too.” 

Since completing the sessions, the family have made some really great changes. Victoria told us all about them:

“Since coming to BeeZee Families we have switched from chocolatey cereals to healthier, lower sugar cereals – and Emillie will now quite happily have berries and yoghurt for breakfast too. 

Before, we did very little exercise as a family, but now we all go for regular walks together and really enjoy them. 

The biggest change is that BeeZee Families has opened up a conversation with my daughter around healthy eating and it’s importance, in a way she wouldn’t engage in before. We can refer back to what we learnt from our sessions in a positive way and she can use the information and knowledge that she gained from BeeZee Bodies to make informed choices around food and movement.”


*Not Victoria and Emillie’s real photo! The family did not send us a photo so we have used a stock image.