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6 year old Lacey and her mum Jenna left their unhealthy habits in lockdown, and their new healthy choices have them feeling amazing!

Like lots of families, Lacey and her mum Jenna had fallen out of a healthy routine during lockdown. Confined to being at home, they spent an increased amount of time watching TV, and were eating a few too many treats out of boredom! Jenna soon noticed that both herself and her daughter were gaining weight, and so at Lacey’s next check-up, she asked their GP for advice. The doctor suggested they try BeeZee Families for a bit of support with making healthier habits, and so they enrolled onto our BeeZee Live online course which they could do together from home.

Sometimes, parents feel concerned about how their child is going to react to being placed on a weight management course, but it’s all about the way you talk to them about it. Jenna decided to simply tell Lacey that they were going to learn to eat a bit healthier and do more exercise together – and this approach made Lacey feel excited about doing something together with her mum. 

Mum and daughter both really enjoyed the programme; Lacey loved joining in with the physical activities and completing the weekly worksheets, meanwhile Jenna found it really valuable to be able to connect with the other families on the course. She said “the most valuable thing I learnt on the programme is that we are not alone in this. Seeing other families thoughts, opinions, ideas and commitment during the webinars and on our WhatsApp group was so helpful!”

“The amazing staff at BeeZee Families were so lovely and committed to helping us all and giving us the best advice every time!”

Before joining BeeZee Families, the pair weren’t getting much physical activity,  “I was losing motivation to do much exercise, and Lacey was struggling too, as her legs get quite achey and tired!” Jenna told us. But the BeeZee team helped to motivate them into action! Now they walk a lot more, Jenna has joined the gym and Lacey has taken up weekly gymnastics classes. 

As well as getting out walking and discovering new hobbies the pair have also been making healthy changes at home too. Jenna said “the changes we have made are making healthier swaps with food and drinks, and using the traffic light system on food labels to see what is good for us. Also making the correct portion sizes for our meals!”

Jenna and Lacey have now graduated from the BeeZee Families course with some new healthy habits in place, and they continue to be living their best life!


“The course has helped us far more than I imagined it would – we are both looking and feeling so much healthier than we did before it started!

I really recommend anyone to take part and sign up, you won’t regret it!”