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Because losing weight is easier with a friend (particularly a furry, four-legged one)

As experts in behaviour change and weight loss, we know that making healthy lifestyle changes can be a challenge. But there’s tons of scientific evidence out there to prove that social support can really improve chances of successful weight loss; that’s why slimming clubs like Slimming World and Weight Watchers are so popular. But we don’t think a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is necessarily the answer for everyone, which is why we tailor our groups for different ‘tribes’ of people; Gutless is for men who want to enjoy some blokey banter while being fuelled by facts; BeeZee Mums is for women who have just given birth and want to shift the baby weight alongside other new mothers in the same boat.

But now, we’re upping the game with our brand new healthy lifestyles programme just for dog people – BeeZee Dogs.

What is BeeZee Dogs?

BeeZee Dogs is a weight management group that you can attend with your dog, where you will both make new friends of both the human and canine variety. By joining a tribe of likeminded dog lovers, and following the tried and tested BeeZee Bodies weight management methods, you’ll be in prime position to level up your wellbeing – both physically and mentally.

What will we be doing?

We’ll meet at St David’s Hall in Whitehawk for two hours every Tuesday evening, for ten weeks.

For the first hour we’ll get moving with fun physical activities like dog agility training and step challenges. These activities will be designed to get both you and your pooch moving!

After the exercise, dogs are welcome to zonk out, but the humans have to focus for a little longer. Your nutritionist Katie will lead a nutrition session, where you’ll learn all about healthy eating and tactics for making long-lasting behaviour changes.

What are you waiting for? Grab your lead, let’s go!

Join our pack – it’s totally free for Brighton & Hove residents with a BMI of 25+ (or 23.5 if from a BAME group).