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Colleen and her family – husband Rob and two boys William (11) and Daniel (14) – gained so much more than healthy habits when they attended BeeZee Families in Hemel Hempstead last year.

As Slimming World members the family already ate a fairly healthy diet, but with an 11-year-old fussy eater and a teenager to cater for, Colleen decided to join their local BeeZee Families group to get some extra tips aimed specifically at family life.

The family-focussed sessions made learning about healthy eating engaging and fun for William and Daniel. Our nutritionists Charlotte & coordinator Alex where great, they really built up a good rapport with the kids and got William to try fruits and vegetables that he would never have eaten before. Colleen said. “Learning about portion sizes was also really useful”.

But while the family were already making healthy food choices for the most part, they were not very active, which resulted in them feeling unhealthy and sluggish. “Before we joined BeeZee Families we weren’t doing much activity. We didn’t know what to do that would suit the whole family, so most evenings, the boys would play video games in their rooms while Rob and I watched the TV.”

The Ortons playing sports in the park

But that soon changed! At BeeZee Families, the family tried lots of new activities like dodgeball, rounders, and even a trip to the trampoline park (which went down really well with both William and Daniel!) and began to really enjoy spending time together as a family playing games. Now their time at BeeZee Families is over, they continue to keep Tuesday evenings as their family activity time – often going swimming or to the park.

“We feel healthier and energised since we’ve been getting more exercise and it has brought us closer making time to do activities together.”

As well as discovering a passion for getting active together, the family also developed some close friendships with other families from the group. Since the weekly group sessions finished, they continue to meet up with their new friends most weekends for walks in the park.

Group leader Alex said We were really impressed with the Orton’s – they were so engaged and enthusiastic about making healthy habits and this resulted in them winning the BZ Hamper at graduation!

Colleen summed up their BeeZee Families experience saying “We found it really enjoyable and fun for all the family. William reached a healthier weight for his age, and we are all feeling healthier and energised”.

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