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A month of walkies

The month of May is National Walking Month! HOORAY!!

We like walking! So of course we are happy it’s National Walking Month. Believe it or not, we actually work really hard at BeeZee Bodies (well we try to, Stu – our Head of Distraction, always tries his best to be distract us from our important work!). Going on a walk some days is a much needed break from our desks and screens. Do you know that the average child spends 6 hours a day looking at screens?! That’s a lot! As an adult I spend a big portion of my day sitting or at a computer (kinda funny when my job is about promoting healthy lifestyles – although we do have standing desks and a desk bike in the office!) However, if there is a way of squeezing more physical activity into our day – we are up for it!

Getting out for a walk in the middle of the day is so important for us. Partly because we like to chat (sometimes too much!), getting out and having a 20 minute walk (chat) with some of the team is all we need. We go back into work with a fresh head ready to get stuck in.

We even have walking meetings sometimes – they are a brilliant way to change surroundings and get some fresh air whilst working. Not good for planning spreadsheets, but great for brainstorming, general meetings and catching up!

Aside from all that stuff, being more active means you will reduce the risk of heart and circulatory conditions as well as type 2 diabetes, obesity and osteoporosis. Which is really great! But imagine having more energy and feeling better about yourself as well!  Getting out and doing a bit of exercise whether it’s a walk a run or anything in fact, will have you feeling a million times better. So grab a friend, get out and go walking, you won’t regret it (unless you get stuck in the rain – which isn’t our fault!).

You really can’t beat a good old walk! Watch out for us in Hatfield and Bedford going for our midday walkies (AKA the powersurge).