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In case you didn’t know – we like to talk about healthy eating, just a little bit…. OK so we like to talk about it A LOT! In our defence being healthy is important for everyone; from our littlest HENRY participant to our Bumps ladies right through to our Gutless guys. Being healthy is key and its what we at BeeZee Bodies specialise in.

Recently we have had some feedback about our HENRY programmes – and because we didn’t want to blow our own trumpets or anything (of course we did) we decided to blog about it. And why ever not!

For anyone who doesn’t know HENRY is a healthy eating programme for parents and their children (aged 0-5 years).  Its super hard bringing kids up in a society where convenience food is everywhere and the media is sending out mixed messages about healthy eating. So this is where HENRY comes into play. BeeZee Bodies runs HENRY programmes throughout Brighton & Hove, to support parents and their little ones to make healthy changes (they also have some fun too!).

Our programmes have been doing really well, 83% of families who started HENRY finished it (that’s a lot!) and 100% of people said they would recommend it to others.

Check out some of the fantastic things parents said:

“I liked that the programme covered all areas of our children’s lives – feelings, exercise, portions, what to eat, processed food, how to deal with discipline (positive praise). HENRY has improved my home life and that was unexpected!”

“Made more aware of the little changes that we need to make and making small steps to make those changes. I think we are happier as a family.”

“I loved the resources. It surprised me how much we gained from the programme as a parent and a family. The duration of the course has meant small changes are made over time and become habits. A really positive start to family of four.”


Their ‘healthiness’ improved as well with 97% of families rating themselves as 7/10 or above!


Would you like to make a healthy start for your little one?

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