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Couple cooking a healthy meal

Help us design inclusive weight loss services that represent you

Are you Black British? Are you of Black Caribbean heritage? Are you of Black African heritage? Are you of Mixed, including Black African or Caribbean heritage?

We run award winning services to help people make healthy changes to their lifestyle. But we know that one size doesn't fit all.

Making changes towards a healthier lifestyle has to be based with you in mind. We understand that there are differences between cultural groups and we want to hear/ understand more. 

So we want to work together. We want to design our services around you, your families and communities. This means that when we run a service in your area, it reflects your real life and experiences. 


This is what we’re doing… 

If you live in BirminghamBristol, or Brentwe want to offer you free services (funded by Public Health locally), but we want to design them with, and for you.  

What are we offering?

  • A free 1:1 session with a nutritionist to help make changes that last that work for you. And what you tell us will help us make better services for others too 😊
  • A chance to tell your story. We want to hear about your lives, and we also want you be part of helping us build services that really take the differences between different cultures into account, so that changes make sense to you in your real life.