World health and safety at work day 2017.

Seeing as it is World Health and Safety at work day – we thought what better way to celebrate than to blog about the two guys bringing both health and safety on for the BZ team (and it is not an easy job, we are forever getting ourselves into a right pickle). Let me introduce you to: Joel Burridge and Alex Digby. These two selfless human beings are the driving force for all things safety related. Funnily enough we have also released our new health and safety document today and it’s a thrilling read*.  Here they are being all healthy and safe:




*We may or may not have exaggerated how exciting this document is 😊

Alex showing the girls the health and safety law poster (the girls are thrilled).

An emergency exit – always essential to know where this is. Thanks Alex for keeping us safe.

An important ‘mind the step’ sign being put up by Joel, for the clumsier members of the BZ team.

And of course the boys being healthy….it is a health and safety role after all!! 😂


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