Winter is coming…

We bloomin’ love winter – crisp cold days, getting all wrapped up and Christmas is just round the corner as well (YAY – we are already too excited!)! But also we know that this is when we all enjoy hibernating with the short days and dark nights, we prefer to cuddle up in our pyjamas with our mugs of tea.

BUT! We at BeeZee Bodies are strong believers in ‘Whatever the Weather!’ yes that’s right. We take no excuses for not being active! We understand it is more difficult to stay active during the winter but with a bit of planning and a shift in mindset, you can make it a priority!

So Here’s our BZ survival guide to how to stay active through the long Winter months…

  1. Get your hats, Gloves, scarves, onesies on and get out for a winter walk! To ensure they are right there when you need them, keep them right by the front door! It will act as a reminder that just because ‘it’s’ cold doesn’t mean ‘you’ have to be!
  2. Get some company – get everyone involved – grab your Mum, dad, sister, brother, friends, neighbour or dog and get out and do something! Things are much more fun if they are social too 🙂
  3. Plan it – stick it into your routine and tell everyone you’re going to do it, that way you’ll feel the heat for not doing it!
  4. Stay indoors – not everything has to be an outdoors activity – Trampolining, badminton, swimming, table tennis or even get the Wii out or some online workout videos. If you are really desperate, vigorous chores 😱 ! There are loads of things to get involved in without even having to brave the great outdoors. Click here to find out more!
  5. REMEMBER -Something is better than nothing – A walk around the block, a trundle to the shops, even some squats and lunges. Every little helps (to quote Tesco).

So when you settle down for the night in your onesie that cuppa, the rest will be well deserved! ☕️



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