From Toilet roll to Innocent Smoothies.


In case you were wondering why Innocent decided to send us a box of their delicious smoothies. This is the story of why it happened. It’s a bit random so stick with me.


It all stemmed from a conversation about toilet roll. Weird I know.


The debate started over dinner, when some of the BZ team couldn’t decide on the right way to put the toilet roll on the holder. This is a very serious area of discussion and let’s just say things got a bit heated. Should the toilet paper be hanging off the interior or the exterior of the roll? (Diagram included below). These are the issues that matter ladies and gentlemen and here at BZ we like to deal with them head on.



After a lot of discussion, it came to us, Innocent could settle this debate. Having previously visited Fruit Towers for our London to Paris Bike ride, we noticed in one of their toilets there is a diagram depicting correct toilet paper orientation. After ringing the Banana phone and speaking to an Innocent phone representative (as it was out of hours; the poor guy was super confused but took our question very seriously), the query was passed on to the team who would deal with it on Monday.


After a long weekend of waiting and wondering, Monday came, as did a reply. We were put out of our misery and our lives could continue, Hooray! For those of you who care, the correct orientation is off the exterior (as shown below). Obviously.



But Innocent being Innocent (the company that goes the extra mile to do something special) they sent us smoothies for the next time we have a heated toilet roll debate. HOW FAB! We didn’t think we could love Innocent anymore and we can live our lives content in the knowledge that we know the correct way the toilet paper hangs off the holder.

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