The 1st of December!

Christmas is here and so are those sneaky Elves! For the second year running they have left us a pretty awesome pressie…. a massive advent calendar! YAY!

If you remember last year, our special advent calendar had gifts (not your standard chocolate treats), these gifts required us to take some time out of our day to enjoy the Christmassy spirit and spend some time with our work colleagues. What’s better than doing something lovely with your friends at Christmas time!

But I got to thinking…there must be something more to this….aside from us enjoying our little daily treats from the elves…

Christmas is such a busy time for everyone and in BZ HQ we are no different. Between programmes finishing up and getting organised for January the weeks fly by. Christmas is the one time of the year that is meant to be spent with family and friends, chilling out, relaxing and take some ‘me’ time. But if anything it can be the exact opposite; we get stressed out with work, buying presents and creating the perfect Christmas for family and friends – it can be an exhausting time.

We need to take time out and remember what Christmas is all about! And it made me think about the 5 ways to wellbeing. These encompass the aspects that you need to ensure a sense of wellbeing in your life, and applying these at Christmas of all times is essential. Thinking about the gifts the elves left us last year (and undoubtedly this year) they were very much about taking time out of your day to enjoy Christmas, chill out and spend some non-work time with your team mates.


Every day as we open the calendar, see if you can identify at least one of the 5 ways to wellbeing that we can take from what’s in the box. Although we are all busy in work and in our personal lives, take the time to enjoy the moment, appreciate each other and try not stress out… too much!

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