The one, the only – Val Stones!

Val Stones – I am sure many of you probably hadn’t heard of her until a few weeks ago….I know I hadn’t. But since the return of the Great British Bake off I have found my own Star Baker. Why I hear you ask, is it her motherly charm, her caring ways? No, I actually quite like her ability to fail rather spectacularly at baking tasks.  But the best bit? She always does it in style and with a smile on her face. Her comic one liners and ability to look on the bright side of all situations makes her a bake off hero.


For it only being week 4 of GBBO we have already had several hilarious Val moments but here are my current favourites quotes so far:


  1. Her sheer delight at getting to watch her Yorkshire puddings rising – “I’m going to chill out for a minute and sit down and watch my Yorkshires rise”


This was quickly followed by….


  1. ‘They’re not going to allow me into Yorkshire ever again.’ after her puddings were disastrous to say the least – poor Val.val 6


  1. And we have been very lucky Val as brought to the nation a new past time: ‘I listen to my cakes and they’re not ready. They sing! And they say “Not ready! Not ready!”‘ Surely this is a craze that will soon sweep the nation.

val 7

  1. Her description of her laced pancakes ‘they’re very Jackson Pollock.’ Unfortunately this wasn’t the style they were going for – nice try anyway Val.


  1. Her explanation for why her she only made one bread elephant and not two – ‘they’ve argued’ makes sense really who needs two elephants for Noahs Ark anyways!

val 2


All in all I love Val – she’s my favourite (she loves listening to Ed Sheeran – so cool). Not only is she hilarious but she is awesome at showing us how failure is a natural part of life. She is learning and growing from this experience, similarly as many of us do when we make healthy changes in our lives – its not an easy journey but it is worth it.  Lets hope she makes it to the Bake off final- although judging from some of her bakes so far this may be a bit of a challenge




Images courtesy of GBBO




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