Happy St Patrick’s Day!


It’s been leprechaun mania this St Patricks morning at BZ HQ! We came in to find a little leprechaun lurking around and he hasn’t left us alone all morning! We keep finding him in the oddest places and trust me, he’s causing havoc!  Before you ask, this Leprechaun is definitely real and not someone (me) hiding him about the office!


He’s been chilling by the water cooler, hoping one of us will come over for a chat. But what he doesn’t know Is that here at BZ HQ we are super busy, too busy to chat….we never ever get distracted from our work*….(*this might be a lie).


We later found him creating a lot of commotion on Ciara’s keyboard, doing a Michael Flately impression Riverdancing it up, and of course we all joined in.


He EVEN found another mythical being lurking in our mug cupboard, Uni the Unicorn was happy to meet another creature that doesn’t exist.


Last but not least, we found him in trying out the fruit in the fridge. I honestly don’t know how he managed to open the door… he might have got his human friend to help him out with that one.


Anyways, we have been having fun with our leprechaun pal this morning and celebrating everything Irish. If you hadn’t realised already, A LOT of the BeeZee team are Irish and we flippin’ love them! So today we are wishing all our Irish friends and colleagues past and present a Happy St Patricks day. There is no one quite like the Irish.


🍀 Slainte.


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