PATSY is one year old!! YES! The cutest and most popular member of the BeeZee Team has celebrated her first birthday. And with any first birthday party you gotta celebrate it in style. She had her two best puppy chums with her – Barley and Skye. As well as her human mates AKA the Herts Team (she’s not as keen on us but we give her doggy treats so she tolerates us). Party hats, presents the lot, she is one lucky poochie.


And what does every birthday party need (or any party for that matter)? A cake of course – a dog safe one! This particular puppy cake was courtesy of Stu’s Mum – Diane. It was made of mash potato (yum), doggy chocolate drops (yum yum) and mushed up dog food and dog biscuits (not so yum). Bit of an acquired taste but patsy loved it. If you would like a doggy cake for your precious pooch, get in touch and we will get Diane on the case!


Then there was cake for the humans to share…we had to have a small slice as well – everyone is allowed a treat every now and again!


Happy Birthday Patsy. We <3 you!birthday-kisses




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