Doing work that matters

By Stu King, CEO of Beezee Bodies

The work I do matters to me. What I do is not the noblest of professions, I am not a doctor or a fire fighter saving lives on a daily basis. But my work still matters to me for a few reasons that I think it is worth outlining:

  1. I get to work with passionate people who want to make a difference in the world. It gives me enormous pleasure to help provide a place to do this because it contributes positively to the lives of the people at BeeZee Bodies and to the people who use our services.
  2. We change lives. We don’t save lives, but we do change them. We never deliver from a manual and always take into account the ‘real lives’ of the people who use our service. Our goal is the help them make change for good, whatever that means. It could be weight, but more often it is about relationships, conflicts and mental health, as well as physical health. These people are better off for having come to one of our services for various reasons.
  3. I am lucky enough to work on the wider public health agenda. Whether through working with my old colleagues at PHE, or making new connections with other public health professionals, I am trying my hardest to share my experiences to improve the way services are commissioned and the direction public health is taking. I’m not saying I have a huge impact on this, but I feel like I am helping to nudge it in the right direction.
  4. Lastly (but really there are loads of other stuff I think we do that matters!), I get to be creative and help our teams produce new innovations to better support people. This might be in the form of our new programmes (LGBT+ and BZ Dogs are our latest ones 😁), or digital innovation, new training programmes and even getting to write a book about our Habit before the habit (Hh) system. It is great to express our creativity in service of something positive.

So, I hope that you are doing something that you think matters. If you are a passionate (way overused term nowadays!) person who is not doing work that matters to you… be brave, leap. Find something that matters. Change career, change role, change jobs, be courageous and Leap.

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