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You may have heard us harping on about the British Heart Foundation’s Dechox the past few weeks. It’s a pretty simple concept – cut out chocolate for the month of March and raise a bit of money (EASY PEASY….). We were sold pretty quickly on the idea, combining a healthy eating concept with an equally brilliant name, what’s not to love (giving up chocolate that’s what!). But not all of us were up for the challenge. Some of us (me) enjoy our little chocolatey treat at the weekend too much to give it up. Everything in moderation after all. But we had two intrepid explorers who signed up to the challenge, and by golly were we impressed. Our very own Claire Price and Stuart King stuck at it for the whole month without giving in (or so they tell us). Stu had an ‘accident’ and ‘accidently’ had some chocolate by ‘accident’. In other words he gave in – he can’t fool us!! We are pretty sure Claire stuck at it! Well done to both nonetheless – a great effort.



Stu’s explanation of his chocolate related accident…

I was trying to prevent myself eating a McDonalds on the way home from gutless (I pass two). I hadn’t adequately prepared and eaten something healthy before I went and I was starving before I had even left! One of the gutless men helpfully offered me a protein bar, to which I gratefully accepted on the basis that if I wasn’t starving I wouldn’t stop at McDonalds and could grab a healthy dinner when I got home! It was after two bites that Yvonne started to exclaim “what are you doing?” to which I was surprised, thinking that I was setting the very good example of preventing future poor calorie intake by eating a protein bar now. She shouts “its chocolate!”, to which I suggested that I was demonstrating that its ok to eat chocolate in moderation and wasn’t a problem. She then pointed out that I was doing Dechox. I was actually surprised and don’t take failure very well!!!!

A likely story I think….

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