What the Beezee Team love most.

Have you heard about our BeeZee Bodies programmes? No?! Well we think they are pretty good. In fact, we think they are the best thing since sliced bread – and that’s saying a lot. We like bread, all types of bread, but particularly sliced bread. Here is a picture of some of the bread made by various members of the team – we haven’t mastered how they slice it perfectly yet though. That skill still eludes us. We do know we could buy bread easier from Tesco, but we enjoy the challenge of making it ourselves – it is quite rewarding bringing your bread in for the team to try.

I think we love our BeeZee Bodies programmes for the same reason that we love making bread. They are hard, challenging and there is no ‘map’ for everyone we work with. There is an easier alternative, which is just to give out recipes and activity plans, but we are committed to the harder but more sustainable journey we help people go on to make change. It isn’t simple, it doesn’t always work but we love what we do, we love helping people find things they love to do and we love seeing people transform their lives one small step at a time.

So just a quick run through of what we love:

  1. Our BeeZee Bodies programmes (because it’s hard)

2. Making Bread (because it’s hard)

3. Talking about BeeZee Bodies and bread (that’s easy!)


So basically, call us to find out more about our programmes and also about our love of bread!


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  1. I will as a health care assistant in a GP surgery. I am seeing a 14 year girl who is overweight (not obsese) and concerned about it. I have run thru food choices and exercise. I can refer her to your site but how else can I advise her?

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