Why does BZ Ladies exist and what is it?

BZ ladies was created to help women like you lose weight. It runs for 12 weeks and provides individualised support for you!

Full of information YOU want to know about, it involves exercise sessions and support from a qualified Nutritionist.

What will we be doing in the exercise bit?

Don’t be scared it isn’t boot camp, we promise (unless this is what you want then we can definitely arrange it)!

We only use female coaches and all of our sessions are tailored to suit you – so whether you’ve not exercised for years or you regularly work out, we have something for everyone. Also you don’t need to wear lycra, just something you feel comfortable doing exercise in.

Who is BZ Ladies for?

Everyone! Our current members range from 18-80 so it really is for everyone as we all have a few things in common:

1) All WOMEN can attend…yes thats right anyone!

2) We all want to drop a dress size.

3) Get active with our exercise coach.

4) Eat Healthy and still have a social life.

5) Help each other to reach those realistic goals.

6) We have more things in common then you think.

Sign up here!

Follow the link below to signup to the BZ Ladies programme or find out more information.