What is BZ Chat?

BZ Chat is about YOU! In every sense of the word. It is a unique opportunity to get free one to one online chat support that fits into your REAL LIFE!

If you want to lose weight and make changes to your lifestyle but don’t have the time to access a group (or maybe you just don’t like groups – let’s face it, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea) then BZ Chat may be the programme for you

Who is this for?

BZ Chat can be accessed by anyone who is looking to lose weight with access to a computer, tablet or smartphone… so almost everyone on the planet!  If you are looking for help to manage your weight and think you would like to try this then get in touch and give it a go!



What’s in it for you?

BZ Chat is about you. A no nonsense approach with a focus on realistic lifestyle changes that fit into YOUR life.

You will receive regular one to one support with our friendly qualified nutritionists or dietitians (and we promise they’re not scary people who only eat carrots and run marathons at the weekends for fun…)! We will work with you to help YOU set and achieve your goals and plans. You can do it!

“You will never be a 100% ready to change. Don’t wait for the ‘perfect’ time. It will never come. Start today!”

Sign Up

If you are interested in knowing more or signing up then click the link below.