Bring your dog to work day!

Tomorrow is National bring your Dog to work day!


We should be super happy about this…but for us, most days are bring your dog to work day. We like to think of Patsy as our communal dog, we all love taking her for walks, giving her treats and picking up her poop (ok this last one might be an exaggeration….no one enjoys this part 💩). And in return we know she too loves us too, we are like her surrogate parents, uncles, aunties, siblings and estranged cousins (those ones that are a bit annoying and spend their time winding you up and pestering you, yeah those ones).


But anyways, there are some actual real benefits from bringing your dog to work every day, who would have thought?!


  1. Having the excuse to get out for a walk! Research has shown that being too sedentary during your working day can result in an increased risk of type 2 diabetes as well as cardiovascular issues. We love having Patsy about to go for an impromptu walk, the only issue is we may use this excuse a little too often (4, 5, 6 times a day, we are really taking the (doggy) biscuit)!
  2. A dog in the work place can reduce stress. We are a pretty happy, chilled out bunch, but even the best of us can have a bad day, having a Patsy cuddle or watching her doing something cute is sometimes all you need to improve your mood.
  3. They also boost morale and employee performance, which is great! But for us, we couldn’t be anymore awesome, so the fact that we have Patsy about must mean we are perfect, right? 😉


So to all you CEO’s out their, get a dog in your workplace you wont regret it! Unless it poops….then you might.


We love Patsy. ❤️ 🐶

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