What is BeeZee Families?

BeeZee Families are passionate about helping people get healthy and do stuff they love to do! And by healthy, we don’t mean only eating celery and cauliflower because let’s face it, that wouldn’t be much fun (unless you really like celery and cauliflower). We support you and your family to make small, realistic changes which make a big difference!

Our amazing BeeZee Families staff will support you throughout the whole programme and beyond (we’ll even give you advice on new shoes or where to go on holiday if that’s what you’re looking for! : )

Who is this for?

BeeZee Families can be accessed by families who are looking for help and support with lifestyle changes. Some people are a bit worried about speaking to their kids about coming along to BeeZee Families, so if this sounds like you, you are not alone and we can help (because we are real people who care!) If you are interested why not chat to one of our friendly team to find out more!


What’s in it for you?

  • FREE advice about healthy living designed around you and your family
  • Realistic ideas and recipes that are really easy
  • ACTUAL Fun (in our humble opinion!) There are loads of activities like canoeing, basketball, cooking and much more
  • Sessions delivered by people who really care

What BeeZee Families isn’t about:

  • Getting weighed in front of other people
  • Boot Camp
  • Judging people
  • Just eating celery, we have loads of great recipes like Pizza and cheesecake… yep, really!


Follow the link below to sign up to the BeeZee Families programme or look below to find programmes in your area!