Beezee embarks on University of Hertfordshire Research Fellowship

BeeZee Bodies has started a research fellowship with the University of Hertfordshire called the Collaborations for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (mostly referred to as a CLAHRC fellowship) through the NHS National Institute of Health Research (NIHR). BeeZee Nutritionist Charan Gill (pictured here) will be leading on the fellowship which is aimed at bridging the gap between research and implementation of behaviour change strategies for children’s weight management programmes.

Over the next year Charan, BeeZee Bodies and the University of Hertfordshire will be looking at specific dietary and demographic factors which affect families that attend our BeeZee Families programme and their likeliness to complete the programme. We will be analysing data regarding the dietary habits of families as well levels of deprivation for the groups we work with.

Charan says: “We are continuously looking for ways to improve our programmes and I think there’s a gap in existing academic literature about real life implementation. We want to translate research into real world practice as there’s often a disconnect between these two areas.

“The long term aim of this fellowship is to is to make a difference to people’s lives by improving treatment, services, practice and policy in health and social care. As well as my supervisors at the University of Hertfordshire, I’ll also be learning from incredible health care professionals at the University of Cambridge.”

Watch this space for updates and developments from Charan and the research programme.

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