Anant Poo Poo Head

Sometimes writing a blog can be difficult….I know what you’re thinking, surely it can’t be THAT hard to write the sketchy stuff that you put on the blog. But let me tell you, IT IS.  And this was one of those weeks where the creative juices just were not flowing. In order, to get some inspiration, I asked the dynamic duo that is Ben and Anant (when I say dynamic I actually mean ‘somewhat dull and uninspiring’) to provide me with some awesome ideas. After all there are only so many awesome ideas one person can come up with.


Unfortunately, no inspiration was provided and instead I got frustrated and created Anant Poo Poo Head. Yes I am an adult and yes this is my full time job. I’m hoping next week will come with better creative flow or else I’ll have to go with part two: Ben Poo Poo Head.


Please send creative help.

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