5 things we learned from BeeZee Training week (Thrive) 2017!


We have been a little elusive over the past week. We journeyed off into the depths of Gloucestershire for some learning, chilling and some team bonding (not that we need much bonding). Sorry if you missed us – we are celebrities of the healthy lifestyle world ✌🏼.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t just chat and drink tea the whole time, we had some really  important work to do! We had a jam-packed week – between culture sessions, business strategy sessions and delving into budgets we were flat out. However we did manage to have a go at pasta making (we are professionals now) and crocheting (its ruddy impossible and the less said about that the better!). After a full week, we left on Friday a happy, fulfilled and tired BeeZee Bodies team.


So what have we learned from Thrive 2017?


  1. We learned that as a team we breed competitiveness…whether it’s a quiz or team games everyone always wants to win! – Which can be a little more than scary sometimes… Lorraine!


  1. Very little stops us getting involved in ANY activity….a random kayak race in the pool resulted in more than one BZ bodies team member getting in fully clothed!


  1. We are an opinionated bunch and love having our opinions heard (several sessions overran because of this reason).


  1. We are not very good at crocheting – we have one very talented crocheter on the team (Hannah) but the rest of us are absolutely woeful!!


  1. And lastly, you might have already realised this…we are not afraid to make fools of ourselves. We go at everything with 100% effort and leave our dignity at the door which we love!


So there you have it, another year and another great week of learning and bonding. Heres to training week 2018!

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